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About Us

WiP Consulting Wojciech Podolski is a reliable and recognisable consulting company with a stable market position and 20 years of experience. With passion, knowledge and experience we help companies, especially micro, small and medium enterprises, in economic activities and growth.

WiP Consulting Wojciech Podolski was created in 1997. The main idea that inspired the founder Wojciech Podolski was a desire to help the beginners in business and share the knowledge with them, which will lead to creation of the dynamic market within Pomeranian voivodeship.

At first, our activities were mainly focused on creating business plans and financial/organisational analysis. However, as the market and our company grew, our offer expanded, and when Poland joined the European Union we expanded our offer with assistance in applying for EU funds. Nowadays, apart from applying for EU funds, we also coordinate and monitor projects on further stages.

Due to our company's growth and gained experience in business mechanisms, we have created a rich training offer based on practical knowledge. We match our training sessions specifically to the nature of each business and its needs that are previously defined on the basis of individual analysis.Every training is evaluated after completion so we can measure the results and usefulness of freshly gained knowledge and skills.

As a company we aim for constant improvement and we are open for new directions, issues and challenges. Therefore, our range of trainings keeps expanding and we grow along with the individual needs of the trainees.


Our values:

  • Professionalism, knowledge and experience
  • Honesty and reliability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quickness and efficiency
  • Creativity, flexibility, commitment


Our aims:

  • Constant improvement of the qualifications of our workers and their career development
  • To offer our services to a wide array of different businesses
  • Increase in turnover and profitability of the company
  • To widen our offer with new services while constantly improving the existing ones


Our mission:

To be a partner for new and dynamic enterprises by helping them grow and therefore contribute to form a dynamic and competitive region.


Our vision:

To be a company with a strong market position, aiming to maximise productivity and efficiency and to gain as large a number of satysfied Customers as possible.


The core areas of our company  are:

  • Business consulting (financial analysis, strategy, processes optimisation)
  • Consulting related to acquisition and usage of EU Funds
  • Training


Amongst our Customers are not only small and medium enterprises, but also large enterprises, NGOs, public institutions (i.e. universities, hospitals) or individual Clients who want to start their own businesses.

WiP Consulting has been also involved in the South Baltic countries’ international project “Wind up the barriers”. The aim of this project is to remove economical and social barriers for handicapped people.